This is an aerial, mermaid and circus blog. Please contact me for information about hiring out for gigs: mermaids and underwater, aerial, fire, stiltwalking, etc. at aerialprincess99@gmail.com (based in Tampa, FL).

I will include my research about aerial equipment and safety.

And eventually share more of my fun adventures and experiences.


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    • Jade Podger – Sure, I was going to write another review about a year into owning it. I’ve had my Ludwig rig up since Feb 2016. I still love it. I haven’t had to take it down so I leave it up and do quick inspections before each use and a bigger inspection once a month. So far my only complaint is that birds in my yard use it as a perch and I’ve been pooped on (or my equipment has been pooped on). Yuck. And it is really WAY to hot in Tampa right now (June/July/Aug) to be doing much outside under the sun. I need to wait until the sun is down to do anything (but then I’m battling mosquitoes/ bugs…) I use it 2-5 times a week and its been AWESOME!!

      I have sprinklers that water the grass under the rig and the only issue I’ve seen is that there is a bit of rust on the tie off cleats. No rust or issues with legs of the rig or the pulley system.

      I LOVE the small sway/give of the rig and rope/pulley system when I do drops. This was an added bonus I didn’t realize.

      What other questions do you have about it?

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      • I’m not sure about using a pulley system…. have you found that the rope has weathered?? Also how hard do you find it to put up and put down? does it feel sturdy?? I’m worried about leaving it out in the weather….What do you do for your monthly inspections?? and what do you think of the colour? It’s hard to see it properly in the pictures. Sorry about all the questions but i am looking at purchasing one soon so it would be great to have someone to talk to about it.


      • I’ve had the rig and pulley up since end of Jan. So it’s been 6 months in Florida weather (rain, sun, humidity, etc.). The rope still looks great and is holding up really well. I check it prior to every use and the pulleys are still running smooth. For my inspections (which I end up doing more than just once a month…), I tend to do it as a warm up when I set up for training. I check everything (tie offs, the rope, the blue pulley and hardware I have my hands on) while on the ground as I’m getting my hoop/fabric/mats set up. At that time I also double check the stability of the rig and the ground straps. Then on my first climb, I go up to the top and look for wear/rust/issues on the other pulleys/quick links/biners. So far everything has been clean and working fine. I’ve had one carabiner that I had to retire due to it rusting but I had used it as an anchor to a rusty metal sculpture to keep the rope down. Lesson learned. Now I tie the rope off to itself.

        I love it! I haven’t been on it much this month as its WAY too hot to be on it during the day and at night the bugs and lightning scare me away. I feel very safe & secure with the pulley. The rope has a bit more give/stretch so drops are a lot more comfortable…

        I haven’t used the rig to perform so I don’t even notice the colors anymore. It’s just part of my rig now….


  1. Hi, I like your rig, but I’ve always had concerns about that rigging setup, especially using that style of double pulley in the centre. I’ve put some of my concerns up at

    If you have questions or comments, I’d be happy to discuss.

    all the best,



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