Mermaid Top Review Series: MerNation Silicone Scale top


For those of you who follow my blog for the aerial equipment info…I’m taking a bit of a side track and highjacking my blog for my Mermaid fans. I’ve developed a bit of a Mermaid Top collection (it’s really an obsession, at this point). I have tops from several big Mermaid brands (& some from lesser known designers). They range quite a bit in price and quality. In my reviews I’ll give insight into some of things I wish I knew before I purchased them.

Top #1 MerNation Silicone Scale Top

Custom made to match my full silicone MerNation mermaid tail.

This was my first silicone mermaid top. It was purchased from MerNation at the time I ordered a full silicone mermaid tail (2017). It has a an “add on” feature of a light gold decorative filigree on the top and on the straps. It also has a glitter top coat.


Starts at $275 (pricing as of Mar 2018). I actually can’t remember what I paid for this top as it was included in my total Tail price.

(I also ordered a silicone waist/gap wrap…which was the BEST mermaid purchase I’ve made so far. Ask me why & maybe I’ll do a review on it too.)

Production Time:

  • First meeting/placed order 3/6/17
  • Paid 3/11/17
  • Update from MerNation with photo of painting 4/3/17
  • Complete & picked it up 4/6/17

Customer Service:

When I was at MerNation’s business to get measured for my tail, Erin gave me several plain bra tops to try on. I believe they were a few different brands (I know one was a Victoria’s Secret). I vaguely remember picking one but saying I needed at 36 (not a 34) for the chest size. I can’t remember if this was written down or not.

MerNation kept me posted every part of the way with text messages and pictures. This is a photo Erin sent to show where they were at after they finished painting but before they attached the filigree.


The top is built with a plain bra top as the base. The silicone is thick and sturdy. The scales match my silicone tail exactly. They are about the same thickness as my tail. The filigree is thick and attached very strong.

The one place that may eventually have issues are the straps. They are more stretchy than the rest of the top therefore may wear out faster. So far I have had no quality issues with them at the one year mark.

I like this top mostly for my more “professional” gigs as it’s one of my more expensive tops. I want to keep it in the best shape possible. I’ve wore it for several underwater photoshoots but just once at a pool party and once at a Mermaid Florida Springs meet up.



I’m usually a 36/38 B. The cup shape is amazing and it gives me a perfect amount of cleavage without the risk of “spilling out.” It is slightly padded & a bit of a push-up. I feel like it gives me adequate coverage for it to be one of my more conservative tops. I’m very comfortable doing underwater acrobatics with it without being afraid of inadvertently flashing anyone.

It is VERY tight on me & it takes a few minutes for me to put it on without help. (Silicone sticks so clasping it in the front and sliding it around the body can be a humorous dilemma.) I did purchase a bra extender to make it fit better and now (although still tight) is just snug and not constricting. I still don’t want to wear this top for long periods of time because it doesn’t fit me just right. (Maybe if I loose some weight it will fit better…actually I’m sure it would…)

When my hair has been down, it has gotten tangled in the straps . It made for some awkward underwater modeling experiences. The photographer said he couldn’t tell but for me it felt really weird. I ended up taking the straps off to finish the shoot. Then in more recent events wearing the top, I’ve pulled my hair back and not had any issues.

First time wearing it and couldn’t get it hooked correctly because it was too tight.


  • Matches my MerNation tail perfectly
  • Colors are amazing
  • Superb, unique artistic workmanship
  • High quality, thick silicone
  • Very professional looking


  • It’s too tight. I had to put a bra extender on it. It can get uncomfortable (because it’s tight) after wearing it for a long time.
  • Long hair sometimes gets tangled and stuck to the silicone filigree on the straps.
  • The flaps in the back look sort of odd. I’d like to figure out how to tack them down in place.

Lessons learned:

Silicone once attached to a bra does not have much stretch. If you are a 36B and wear the bra on the last hook and it’s at its maximum stretch….the silicone top will be VERY tight.

Bra extensions are your best friend. They are cheap (you can get them off Amazon). They come in several colors and can give added inches in comfortability.

* The last 4 photos are of the top after I have had it for over a year.


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